Pond life inspiration


The frog bowl was inspired by the pottery of W. H. Trippett, founder of Redlands Pottery (circa 1904). Trippett was a former art metal worker for Tiffany Studios. He self-trained in ceramics for three years before opening his business out of his home on Summit Avenue in Redlands, California.

A trio of frogs surround this bowl. Some frogs are partially covered by leaves. I threw the bowl on a potter’s wheel and sculpted the frogs and leaves on the surface when the clay was leather hard. The clay is terracotta-colored stoneware. To enhance the design, I applied an oxide wash before the bowl was fired. After firing, I rubbed the bowl with beeswax.

To learn more about W. H. Trippett and see examples of his work, you can go to http://www.isaklindenauer.com/exhibits-and-essays.html.

Salamander Vase

The Salamander Vase was inspired by a photograph of an Arts & Crafts pottery vase made around 1900. I threw the vase on a potter’s wheel and sculpted the salamander on the surface when the clay was leather hard. The mustard yellow glaze has a matte finish and light brown speckles. I formulated this glaze to resemble the matte mustard glaze found on early Van Briggle pieces. For an example, see this period Van Briggle vase: http://www.ragoarts.com/lot/2398

Final California Firing

I was able to find time to fire three new organic vases before moving to my new studio in Portland.